People will not always appreciate the good that you do but will put you down for the one mistake you make. Rise above their criticisms and stay strong. Don’t amplify that one mistake. Remember, that you made a mistake doesn’t mean your life is a mistake.

Never allow people’s compliments get to your head nor their criticisms get to your heart. One of the most important decisions you have to make is to maintain an atmosphere of joy. No matter how much you grow and try, someone will be there to: gossip you, put you down, judge you, hurt you. But their words can’t take the power or your joy from you unless you allow it.

People who are secure in themselves don’t put others down; they lift them up. You must be careful that you don’t destroy other people’s image and confidence through careless words or actions. Don’t judge others because they think differently than you do. Remember, every time you judge someone, you reveal a part of yourself that needs healing.

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