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Politics is a game of life and equally a skill for survival! Many men of skills and unparalleled potentials have lost their place in the court of life due to their ignorance of this strategy.

As we navigate our drive for success, we must become avid students of discretion and diplomacy. They say stay away from office politics, but it’s only through politics that the office would be sustained.

The world is full of predators, who only seek to tear apart. They are drawn to your dreams, your passion and your possibilities.

Protect yourself by learning to be quiet and choosing your friends carefully.

Never telegraph your plans!

It’s better to be alone than to seek love in the company of vampires! Don’t let insecurity and thirst for approval ruin your chance. Be wise!

The palace of life is full traitors, opportunists, rebels and slanderers disguised as courtiers. They are among your friends, in your workplace, your social club, your church and even your family. Beware!

Avoid doing anything that bring others down to take you up. Never seek to teach your teachers. Love all but prove them before you trust any. Be independent of the views of others about you. If you live for their acceptance, you will die from their rejection!

Above all, always seek to understand (others) before you are understood. This is the secret to stay in the game, no matter what regime is in power.
Long may you reign!

Written by: Ps Sunday Oladokun

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