Don’t crucify yourself because you made a mistake. Refuse to speak negative of yourself because of your present situation. You are not what you do, you are what Christ did. You did not die for yourself, and you cannot die for yourself, Jesus died for you. Note this- God doesn’t use the circumstances of your life to define you. He defines you by what Christ has done for you!

Stop thinking God is mad at you and against you, but rather, start thinking God is for you and all things are working together for your good! Our inner personality makes our point of view towards life, which either elevates us or brings us down.

You are God’s best! You are God’s project, and remember, God doesn’t embark on an unaccomplished project. There is a sense of destiny in your life because you are God’s idea, His dream! God values you more than you could ever know. He’s not mad at you, and the price He has paid for you is the proof of your worth before Him.

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