Your life has been fashioned and planned by God for good. There’s no desire in your heart that God has not already fulfilled. Your challenge isn’t new to God! Stop over thinking and quit making up problems that don’t exist.

Grace is something God did for you prior to you having a need for it. God extended His grace to you before you even existed. Before the problem came into existence, God had created the solution. Every good thing is in the now of your life and you are in the now of every good thing.

All of God’s blessings are in your life. Align and synchronize your thoughts and words with this. Your voice is the activation code. Voice your miracles; don’t wait for them to happen first. If you believe in God, believe in miracles. To believe in God and not expect a miracle is a contradiction and a misnomer.

Everyday, there’s favour assigned for you; look out for it and you will find it. Your thoughts release signals and affect things around you and also attract those things that are consistent with it. Discipline your mind to make things happen in your direction.

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