One of the most misunderstood or misinterpreted job description everywhere in the world and through history, is the role of Women – Submit or Obey and how each is interpreted?

Submit: this is when one have an opinion and share it, but willingly relinquish/submit that opinion to another person’s opinion, because that person is higher in the administrative chain. Obey: is when one’s opinion does not matter, and one is required to follow laid down instruction, or there would be consequences (directly or indirectly).

Jesus submitted to the Father (even though they are One). In the marriage institution, wives are to Submit and children are to Obey (see Col. 3: 18-22). We (True Believers) are to obey Gods written Word (John 14: 23-24). They only time one disobey an authority, is when that authority ask that we violate God’s law and laid down authority’s law (see Ex. 1: 18-20 and Acts 4:18-20).

As far as the Bible is concerned (Gen. 2 and 3), a man is the administrative head of the house – Marriage/Family Institution (contrary to women’s lib. teachings), it however does not mean, he is the most intelligent, with most knowledge and wisdom etc., it means he gets to make final decisions in that home with Christ being his head, and after seeking/cherishing his wife’s opinion, knowing that God created her differently (psychologically and physiologically) so they can complement each other (right and left brain thingie).

A wise and godly woman (not one who subscribes to women’s lib), recognize God’s administrative structure, and wisely (not challenging the husband’s ego) pass across her opinion, and ask God to help the husband make a good decision, after both have talked but still disagree. If his decision is still troubling, she still goes to God to stop it super-naturally, using circumstances


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