Rising Nigerian Artist, G-single released an album in March, 2023 which is making waves on Boomplay music. G-Single is a multi-talented artist who was born George Ogidi Aaron in 1989 at Lagos into the “Jeremiah” family of 7 children.

He has occupied various leadership role from Basic School to the the Tertiary which has shaped him to be a man of integrity. An Alumni of of Kogi State University (BSc. Microbiology, 2015) with a good track record.

G-Single discovered he could sing at age 13 due to his elder sister’s zeal, passion, enthusiasm and extremely likeness for the musical icon “Celine Dion’. He decide to started trying out different keys, pitches, and scales; vocal range and all mannerism of music and that was the Genesis of what we have today. He has written alot of songs. In his word he said ” I have songs for the next 50 years already, I can release an album every year”.

The “Gratitude” Album project is a 10 track inspired songs. These songs are personal reflection of his journey in the christian ministry. He has seen the ups and downs in life and grateful to the Almighty God for everything.

This album is a must for every believer to listen to as the songs can be related to our daily life experiences.

Below is the link to Boomplay for free download.


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