I met Tom, a passionate young man in his early 20’s in 2002, when hosted me on his TV program and we remained friends since. He went on to add value to himself – a double masters and a chartered marketer status from CIM, which made him hot cake on the job market. He was in hot demand internationally and at one time I told him that he had become a non-resident Ghanaian because of his frequent travels. I told him to slow down but he laughed my concerns off. He said he was working so hard because he wanted to retire at age 40. He could not retire at 40 but at 45, he was one of the most successful young men in Ghana. He was twice divorced because the women could not take his hectic schedule almost insane focus on his career leaving no room for anyone or anything else. After the second divorce he resolved not to bother with marriage again. He chose career over relationship.

He lived in a dollar-rated mansion hired for him by his multinational employer and when he was ready, he spent one and a half years on the building his dream house and it was a masterpiece of a building. The house was ready to move in, in November 2022 but Tom decided to wait and move in on 1st January 2023.

On 30th December, he complained of congestion in his chest. He drove himself to the hospital and was admitted immediately. The next morning, he was gone. Dead. He did not spend even one night in his dream house. As at today, the caretaker is still living in the house as the family fight over whom to occupy it.

I am addressing this message to extremely successful, young person, who works hard but unfortunately, have no balance in their lives. This old man has a few suggestions for you:

1) Life is not guaranteed to any of us so make the most of today. Take time to celebrate the fact that you are alive today. For tomorrow never comes.

2) Make time for those you love even as you work hard to give them a comfortable life. Don’t exchange your presence with presents.

3) Pay attention to your health. Money and assets are useless without good health.

4) Stress kills so pace yourself and learn to relax from time to time. Make time for a hobby or a passion. Don’t make your life all work, deadlines and targets. Get some balance into your life.

5) Find love and invest in making it work until you have built an enduring and supportive relationship. Success is empty without anyone to share it with. Pay attention to your relationships.

6) Take your spiritual life seriously. It is the blindness of youth that when we are young we do not see the point of developing a spiritual life and taking spirituality seriously enough. By the time most people wake up to the importance of having a good spiritual life, they have already made a mess of their lives.

I thank God that he has blessed and continues to bless many of our young people. Please pay attention to getting some balance in your lives; else someone will eat the fruit of your labor and not you yourselves.

Life is more than work. In this life, the journey is as important as the destination.

Don’t postpone living.


Written by Uncle Ebo Whyte

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